The public manager Specs

 Full Page Sizes

Ad creative must be delivered in ALL page sizes. Sizes are in pixels.
(In InDesign, use Intent / Digital Publishing)

iPad: 768 x 1024 (vertical)

Phone: 640 x 960 (vertical)

All files and assets must be RGB

All image resolution must be 300 dpi



Option 1
Advertiser may submit a static PDF file.
All page sizes above must be individual PDFs.
Include device size in PDF file name.
Create PDF at Print Quality (or 300 dpi)

Note: PDF hyperlinks will not translate to the DPS platform. Publisher will insert 1 hyperlink per PDF document, with provided URL.

Option 2
The Public Manager is published using Adobe Digital Publishing System. All interactivity tools within the DPS platform are available via InDesign to all advertisers’ creative teams. All ad creative utilizing interactivity must be delivered complete and fully functional.

All page sizes above must be individual InDesign documents.

Include device size in InDesign file name.

Deliver Packaged InDesign document including:

  • fonts
  • linked assets
  • idml file


SUBMITTING FILES VIA EMAIL TO: Megan Lebo 410-584-1907