TDi: Exclusive Sponsorship $10,000

TDi will have one Exclusive Sponsor who will receive:


  • Lunch and Learn presentation*
    • Sponsor provides a subject matter expert to present an educational topic during lunch to entire TDi audience
    • Content and presenter will be vetted by ATD to ensure alignment with conference content
  • Panel Discussion Participation* 
    • Sponsor provides one subject matter expert (SME) for panel 
    • SME must be vetted and approved by ATD

*Sponsor agrees to present information, findings, or case study in an objective way that both benefits and informs the audience. The content presented should be free of direct promotion of a product or service, and more in line with the general benefit of a training professional.


  • Table & 2 chairs
    • high traffic area near breaks
    • can be used to engage attendees on their product/solution
  • Power & wifi
  • Seat drop for the morning keynote
    • creative must be approved by ATD in advance
    • sponsor recognized by the moderator as event sponsor

Sponsor Recognition

  • Emails from ATD: company logo included in conference marketing
  • Logo in ATD Enewsletters used to promote TDi
  • TD.org: logo included on the conference web page
  • Logo included in signage at venue
  • Blog post on td.org - sponsor can submit blog post content  (1 per month Sept, Oct, and Nov)


  • 2 full conference registrations and 1 support pass