In Each Issue:

Success With Less – Budget-friendly methods and strategies for training departments with limited budgets and/or staff 
Fundamentals – The practical nuts and bolts of talent development for new training professionals 
Career GPS – Addresses career and career development topics of interest to talent development professionals 
Learning Blueprint – Timely tips, guidelines, and resources related to the design and creation of learning programs and initiatives 
Quick Tips – Present 3-7 short tips on a variety of topics related to helping talent development professionals do their jobs 

January: Learning Technologies Special Editorial Section: Listing of TK Sponsors
Ad Space Deadline: 11/15/19
Artwork Due Date: 11/25/19
Bonus Circulation: 2020 ATD TechKnowledge (in attendee tote bags)
February: Talent Development Capabilities
Articles will explore the new ATD Talent Development Capability Model. For more than 40 years, ATD has published competency models to help people understand the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective talent development professional now and in the future. The new capability model points to a future where talent development plays a strategic and important role in organizational well-being and success.

Ad Space Deadline: 12/17/19
Artwork Due Date: 12/23/19
Bonus Circulation: Training Conference – February 24-26, Orlando, FL
March: Leadership Development Special Editorial Section: LMS Showcase
Limited space with combination of display ad / editorial content
Ad Space Deadline: 1/21/20
Artwork Due Date: 1/29/20
April: Management Development Special Editorial Section: 2020 ATD ICE Exhibitor Listing
Ad Space Deadline: 2/18/20
Artwork Due Date: 2/26/20
May: Training Delivery Special Editorial Section: Coaching Leadership Supplement
Ad Space Deadline: 3/18/20
Artwork Due Date: 3/26/20
Bonus Circulation: 2020 ATD International Conference & Expo, Denver, CO (in attendee tote bags)
Special Issue: Best Practices
Profiles of award-winning practices of talent development. Highlighted will be winners of ATD’s BEST Award, the talent development industry’s most rigorous and coveted recognition for organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success through talent development; as well as winners of ATD’s Excellence in Practice Awards, which recognize individual practices across the full scope of talent development.

Ad Space Deadline: 3/23/20
Artwork Due Date: 3/31/20
Bonus Circulation: 2020 ATD International Conference & Expo, Denver, CO (via Publication Bins)
June: Senior Leaders & Executives Special Editorial Section: Learning Technologies Supplement
Ad Space Deadline: 4/17/20
Artwork Due Date: 4/27/20
Bonus Circulation: 2020 SHRM Conference – June 28-30 – San Diego, CA
July: Learning Technologies Special Editorial Section: Post-2020 ATD ICE Supplement
Ad Space Deadline: 5/26/20
Artwork Due Date: 6/3/20
August: Talent Management Special Editorial Section: ATD Professional Partners Supplement
Ad Space Deadline: 6/22/20
Artwork Due Date: 6/30/20
September: Career Development Special Editorial Section: Leadership Showcase
Limited space with combination of display ad / editorial content
Ad Space Deadline: 7/20/20
Artwork Due Date: 7/28/20
October: Management Development
Ad Space Deadline: 8/24/20
Artwork Due Date: 9/1/20
Bonus Circulation: DevLearn 2020 – October -,Las Vegas, NV
November: Senior Leaders & Executives Special Editorial Section: Higher Education Supplement
Ad Space Deadline: 9/22/20
Artwork Due Date: 9/30/20
December: State of the Industry Survey Results Special Editorial Section: TBD
ATD’s annual State of the Industry Report is a definitive review of talent development spending, hours, delivery methods, and content.

Ad Space Deadline: 10/20/20
Artwork Due Date: 10/28/20