TD Magazine Sponsored Content Guidelines 

1. The content should focus on the opportunity to drive thought leadership to the learning and talent development professional. Consider showcasing workplace challenges and employee development best practices, trends, etc... The content should avoid a grand opening, promoting an event or product, or be an opinion or viewpoint piece.

2. Typefaces and layout should bear no resemblance to standard editorial templates in TD Magazine. This includes, but is not limited to, fonts, font size, leading, layout, style, illustration style, and color. Specific fonts that cannot be used in body copy or subheads are Tablet Gothic, Tablet Gothic Condensed, and Lora.

3. Neither the title nor the logo of TD Magazine may be used in your copy.

4. Articles will be created to the camera ready specs of TD Magazine & include...

  • At least one headline
  • Author byline
    • Include: Name, Company & Title

5. TD Magazine will add the text “Advertisement” at the top of each page

6. Display ads within the content are not permitted.

7. All content is subject to review and approval by TD magazine prior to publication.