Leadership Development CUstom WEbcasts

 Present a one-hour webcast driving innovative content on leadership development.

Areas of expertise: emotional intelligence, executive development, innovation, mentoring, strategic and succession planning, and more.

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Sponsorship Includes:

Marketing Benefits

  • Logo exposure and hyperlink on 
    • Emails to ATD members (40,000) and customers (60,000)
  • Event and sponsor promoted in the Leadership Development content pages, social media and more
  • Promoted on TD.org as soon as promotional information is made available
  • Sponsor to identify other communities of practice and areas of interest to assist in more targeted audience
  • 50-words of text and URL included in the archive email sent by ATD the day after the live event

Webinar Exposure

  • ATD to host webcast and manage all logistical and technical aspects, including walk through prior to webcast.
  • Sponsor to provide topic and talent for this thought leadership experience. 
  • ATD to provide moderator for presenter introduction and to help with Q & A.
  • ATD to post webcast access for members for up to 1 year.

Webcast Content

  • Sponsor Registration Questions:
  • In order to help you provide the most insightful and customized content, ATD will allow the sponsor to create two (2) questions to be answered as part of the registration process.
    • Questions can be:
      • Open ended...
        • Example:  Please provide one question that you are hoping the presenter will answer during the webcast?
        • Multiple Choice...
          • Example: What do you feel is the most effective training method?  A. Classroom only  B. Blended   C. Virtual only
    • The purpose of the questions are to assist the presenter in creating the most relevant content for the audience.  
      • Answers to these questions (from early registrants) will be shared once, two weeks out from the live webcast to assist you in shaping the presentation.
      • These answers will also be provided post-event with the complete registration list (see below).
      • All questions are subject to ATD review and approval.  Please avoid demographic and product centric questions. 

Lead Generation

  • Sponsor receives a complete list of registrants in excel post-event.
  • Info included: Contact name, company, title, email, size of organization and mailing address.


  • ATD Leadership Development webcasts average over 550+ registrants per event
  • Average Organization Size:

1,500+ : 44%
501-1500 : 14%
101-50 : 16%
11-100 : 10%
1-10 : 17%

As a webcast sponsor, you agree to present your information, findings, or case study in an objective way that both benefits and informs the audience. The content presented should be free of direct promotion of a product or service, and more in line with the general benefit of a training professional.

Total investment for a Leadership Development Webcast: $12,500

*As an ATD webcast sponsor we ask that your use of the email list is done with respect for our members. Spamming or gross misuse will result in termination of the list usage and could compromise your role as a future sponsor.