CTDO Editorial and deadlines

Spring (March)

Space Deadline: 1/28/19
Ad Material Due Date: 2/14/19
Content Due
     Outline: 12/11/18
     Final Copy: 1/11/19



Summer (June)

Space Deadline: 4/26/19
Ad Material Due Date: 5/15/19
Content Due
     Outline: 3/11/19
     Final Copy: 4/11/19

Fall (September)

Space Deadline: 7/26/19
Ad Material Due Date: 8/14/19
Content Due
     Outline: 6/11/19
     Final Copy: 7/11/19

Winter (December)

Space Deadline: 10/24/19
Ad Material Due Date: 11/12/19
Content Due
     Outline: 9/9/19
     Final Copy: 10/8/19

Each issue will cover:

Hot Topic Feature Article: A high-level examination of macro-level, global issues that are affecting the world of work.

The Angst Index: A look at top CTDO challenges such as measuring impact and effectiveness, leadership development, business and strategic alignment, adapting to globalization, employee engagement, resource allocation, leadership support, budget, time, and succession planning.

Debate: A pair of articles, authored separately, that present diverging viewpoints on a popular practice or theory.

Prove It: A practical analysis of how talent development executives can effectively measure the impact of talent development efforts.

Confessions From the C-Suite: A different perspective from the typical “happily ever after,” this case study article focuses on a big problem that a company is facing and lessons learned from implementing a training initiative. The article explores the following questions:

  • What was the program/initiative or issue you were trying to solve?

  • What did you do?

  • Why didn’t it work?

  • What lessons did you learn, and what would you do differently?

Giving Back: Highlights talent development professionals’ efforts at the individual and organizational level to give back to the community and society at large.