The Public Manager


The Public Manager is a monthly digital magazine reaching thousands of public sector learning professionals who want to create effective public leadership by fostering knowledge, vision, professionalism and best practices at all levels of government.

Become an ATD Government Partner, and start connecting your business with public sector professionals.

Government Partner Program ($10,000)

Brand Impact:

  • Six (6) full page advertisements in The Public Manager (TPM)

Online Impact:

Subscription Impact:

  • Access up to twenty (20) subscriptions of TPM for your staff and clients

Content Impact:

  • Inclusion in four (4) editorial supplements in TPM

Webcast Impact:

  • One (1) custom webcast with ATD Government 
  • Topic and presenter come from partner  
  • Average webcast yields 250 registrants/leads


A la carte options:

Present at ATD International: Additional $5,000

  • Government Theatre Session at the ATD 2017 International Conference
    – includes one (1) hour long session

eNews Impact: Additional $4,500

  • Includes a text or banner ad in six (6) issues of the ATD Government Community eNewsletter
    (published 3rd Wednesday of the month)